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Image by Olga Thelavart


Advertising Portfolio

Static Facebook Advertisements

Instagram Caroursel Campaign

Advertising Examples

During my time at WSU I was able to expand my advertisement writing skills. Scroll to find a wide arrange of randomized topics, places and products I had the opportunity to write an advertisement for. 

Contraceptive Beer

Just as it sounds, this project was to design an advertisement for contraceptive beer. 

Plan Beer - Ad-2.png

Product of Choice

After some practice we got to choose a product that we personally use and write for that. 

Spice Islands

This was to advertise for consumers to consider buying the Spice Islands brand for their spice of choice. 

Spice Islands Ad.jpg

Visit Washington

For this advertisements we aimed to persuade patrons to visit Washington state. 

Velvet Teddy Ad.png
Visit Washington Ad-2.png


Advertisement for Miracle-Gro Plant Food. 

Haagen-Dazs Sorbet

A different take on Haagen-Dazs's traditional ice cream.

Miracle Gro Ad copy.png
Häagen-Dazs Ad Re-Designed.png
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